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The State Parks of Arkansas have played important roles in the history of our state. Visit a park and walk where history happened. Explore a prehistoric, American Indian mound site that the Hernando de Soto expedition visited. Walk hallowed ground where Civil War battles raged. Stay overnight in Civilian Conservation Corps-era cabins that are a tribute to the conservation achievements and craftsmanship of Franklin D. Roosevelt's Tree Army during the New Deal. Tour historic Washington where Jim Bowie, Davy Crockett and Sam Houston traveled before they fought for Texas independence.

Time travel through history and explore our interactive timeline below that stretches all the way back to prehistory. It is designed to reveal stories about Arkansas's heritage and help you understand how the history of Arkansas relates to your life.

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Crater of Diamonds State Park

Tourism Commission rejects mining offer at crater. The state parks and tourism commission Thursday rejected a sizeable offer b y anaconda mining company to lease the crate for a mining operation. The vote was 11 to 1 to turn down the offer of $500,000 annually until actual production began at which time they would pay the state 15% of the net profit of all diamonds they found.

Withrow Springs State Park

Withrow Springs State Park becomes the first Arkansas State Park to receive a grant from the federal Land and Water Conservation Fund established in 1964. The grant of $29,097 provided for the purchase of 100 additional acres of property for the park along War Eagle creek.