Senior American Special – Fishing Demonstration

Petit Jean State Park

October 18, 2012
10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Meeting Place: Boathouse
Admission: Free

"Give a man a fish and he can eat lunch – teach him to fish and he'll be out of your hair all afternoon!" Fishing is more than catching fish. It’s also about a sense of freedom, and being in a quiet place where you can observe the world around you. And good observers catch fish! Meet special guest Jay Miller of Arkansas State Parks, who’s been paddling and fishing Arkansas's rivers and lakes for over 50 years. We'll discuss fish behavior and ways to catch more fish, tell a few stories, and look at lures for casting and flies for fly fishing. Then those who have a valid Arkansas fishing license have a chance to do some fishing!

Petit Jean State Park
1285 Petit Jean Mountain Road
Morrilton, AR  72110
Ph: (501) 727-5441

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