Lost and Found

Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area

November 3, 2012
8:45 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.
Meeting Place: Visitor Center
Admission: Free

The program “Lost and Found” has been developed to help prepare children for a situation we all hope will never happen—becoming lost in the outdoors. Children become “aware of five basic skills” to help them to survive and be found should they ever become lost in an outdoor environment.  In addition, the program stresses preventative actions children can take to avoid becoming lost in the first place. As well as providing the child with “concrete behaviors,” the program deals with attitudes and emotions. People who are comfortable in the outdoors, alert to its natural dangers and prepared for them are also better able to enjoy natural settings.  Being prepared for the unexpected makes the actual experience of being lost less frightening and easier to cope with. Storytelling, discussions and student activities are all involved in this program. 

Cossatot River State Park-Natural Area
1980 Highway 278 West
Wickes, AR  71973
Ph: (870) 385-2201

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