Little Rock

How Tall is the Mountain?

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

January 13, 2013
9 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Meeting Place: West Summit Trailhead
Admission: Free

Every year, visitors love to come to Pinnacle Mountain State Park to claim victory to hiking one of the highest points in Pulaski County. But, when they hike Pinnacle Mountain, just how far have they climbed? Meet a park interpreter at the West Summit Trailhead today to take the trek to the top. Along the way, we'll stop to compare the size of Pinnacle Mountain to other local buildings in Little Rock. You may be surprised at how large the mountain really is.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park
11901 Pinnacle Valley Road
Little Rock, AR  72223
Ph: (501) 868-5806

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