Little Rock

Geology of the State

Pinnacle Mountain State Park

October 6, 2012
1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
Meeting Place: Visitor Center
Admission: Free

Special guest geologist Sandra Chandler of the Arkansas Geological Survey is presenting a very special program on the unique geological formations of Pinnacle Mountain State Park.  Afterwards, we'll go on a hike to identify some of the different formations found at the park.  Bring sturdy shoes and clothes you do not mind getting dirty out on the trails. For further information on the program, contact Park Interpreter Richard Spilman at (501) 868-5806 or by email at richard.spilman@arkansas.gov.

Pinnacle Mountain State Park
11901 Pinnacle Valley Road
Little Rock, AR  72223
Ph: (501) 868-5806

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