Bluebird Box Expedition

DeGray Lake Resort State Park

January 27, 2013
8 a.m. - 9 a.m.
Meeting Place: Golf Course Pro Shop
Admission: Free

Join a park interpreter to check on the bluebird boxes mounted along the main road at DeGray Lake Resort State Park. We'll see who nested in them this past season and get them ready for the new year. Learn about the role of human-made shelters in the recovery of the Eastern bluebird and get some tips for attracting birds to your own yard. The hike is free, but for safety reasons, space is limited for this hike. You must register at the lodge front desk in advance starting at noon Saturday, January 26. Call (501) 865-5850 to register.

DeGray Lake Resort State Park
2027 State Park Entrance Road
Bismarck, AR  71929
Ph: (501) 865-5810

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