Planning Your Visit to a State Park

With advance notice and your curriculum goals, our park staff will create programs tailored to field trips for elementary students and your curriculum. Programs may be as varied as photography, life in 1836, geology, geography, historic restoration, the Civil War, land use, public relations or ecology–our parks offer an almost endless number of field trip ideas for kids. You can cruise a cypress swamp, smell the odor of black powder or marvel at artifacts which reveal secrets of Arkansas's fascinating past. Each park has a unique story to tell through engaging elementary enrichment activities.

Preview Visit

It is recommended that the teacher make a preview visit to the park. This will provide contact with park personnel and allow you to become familiar with locations of restrooms, water fountains, exhibits, classrooms, audiovisual services, trails and the accessibility of the site. One of the best ways to become familiar with a park and its program capability is through a teacher workshop. Call your nearby park or museums to see if they offer one or two day workshops in summer.

Ideas for preparing yourself before the field trip

  • Visit the park or museum before your trip with colleagues and chaperones. (Teachers are always admitted free.)
  • Identify parking, lunch area and restroom locations.
  • Purchase postcards to show your class before the visit.
  • Ask for a free teacher's guide.
  • Attend one of our teacher workshops.
  • Explore the exhibits and outdoor areas you plan to visit.
  • Identify activities relating to your classroom studies.